Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Stick With Me!

As pet lovers we like to take photos of our pets, right?  Who wouldn't love to have their pet's sweet face on a sticker?  We all know we can easily create stickers on our computers and there are many companies that deliver custom-made stickers, but I recently connected with one that does things a little differently. is a site that sets itself apart by offering:

  • Stickers with a special adhesive that allows for seamless removal, with no residue or damage
  • A three-year fade-resistant life on every sticker
  • $1 from every sale goes to a pet charity; this month $2 goes to charity (specify charity at checkout)

When the nice people at asked me if I'd like to design my own sticker, of course I said yes!  Since I recently adopted a new logo, I decided to use that as my image.  I found the online design process simple and fast.  Although I chose the 6" square size, there are several sizes and shapes from which to choose. There's even an option to designing an iPhone sticker!  Delivery was speedy; I received my cool new sticker in just a few days.

Here's the final product:

Nice, huh?  The sticker material feels thick and of high quality.  Can't you just see your cute little fuzz-butt's face on one of these?

Ummm...I think I'll pass.

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