Sunday, February 6, 2011

Seven Things

A little while back, Kassey from the Mom and Me, Kassey blog awarded me the Stylish Blogger award!  I am so grateful and am happy to share seven things about me that (shhhh...) might be news to some readers.

Because all Catladyland's readers are spectacularly stylish, I award the Stylish Blogger award to each of you and welcome you (if you wish) to post seven little-known facts and pass the award along to other razzley-dazzley recipients!

#1: I like to wear skirts.  I think they are comfortable and I like how they swish when I walk.

#2: I could (and usually do) eat popcorn every day.  I pop it on top of the stove, drizzle it with olive oil, and sprinkle it with salt.  Sometimes (when I'm feeling crazy), I add some grated Parmesan cheese.

#3: I kiss all my cats on the lips.  Yes, I know where those lips have been.

#4: If I am flipping through the TV channels, I will always stop on Roseanne.  I love that show and have been known to watch all-day marathons.  In general, I am a sucker for TV shows from the 70's and 80's.

#5: I'm a terrible singer, but I love to sing...especially Karaoke...especially ABBA.  I'm embarrassing....ask my husband.

#6: I always sneak my own popcorn into the movies (see #2). 

#7: Sometimes I call out "TREAT!" just because I like to see all three cats in the same room at the same time.  That never happens.  And of course I always follow through with the treats...I'm odd, but not mean.

There you go and get your Sunday on!


  1. Congratulation Angie !
    It's great to get to know you...You are so sweet !!!
    I just wonder do I have a chance to hear you sing ?
    : )

    Have a great day, Me and my mom always love your blog with Angie's style : )

  2. Congratulations on your award.

    pawhugs, Max

  3. Congratulations on your award! It was fun getting to know you better. I've never tried popcorn with olive oil before. I will have to as I do love popcorn!

    Happy Sunday Angie!
    xo Catherine

  4. CONGRATULATIONS ANGIE!! OMG I nearly DIED reading this! I cannot believe how much we have in common!!

    POPCORN!! OMG! I don't eat it every day but I pop it on the stove too...I drizzle it with olive oil as well and Parm cheese and sometimes I add Italian seasoning and I ALWAYS add Garlic powder. I ALWAYS sneak it into movies (in a giant tote bag) you and I will be busted for sure now! lol

    I kiss my Cody on the lips (always did with Bobo too)

    Roseanne was always one of my faves when it was it!

    I love to sing as well but am lousy!
    But...I don't like skirts!

  5. I like learning more about you! My Mommeh even has a necklace that says "I kiss my cats on the lips"!

  6. This was a fun way to know more about you. I love popcorn and we pop ours on top of the stove also. Yes I kiss my cat on the lips also! I love him that much! hugs, Linda

  7. What's wrong with kissing your Cats on the lips? I brush my teeth!

    Say, did you get the email I sent...a few pix for the Katt Food blog.

  8. I used to always kiss my dog on the lips...When I was visiting my mom last month, I found the cutest picture of us "making out". I would kiss alex on the lips, but he doesn't swing that way... I like wearing skirts too, especially in the summer... They are really cool and comfy, and look way better than shorts, or at least I think so!

  9. Well you are stylish! Congratulations.

    I LOVE kissing my cat's ear. It's just so velvety.

    Being a Brit we don't really do popcorn lol neither do I like skirts. Who's Roseanne? :P I used to sing in a choir. We have nothing in common :(((((

    Oh yes we do :)))) We love our cats :) I hope all is forgiven? lol x

  10. Concats on your much deserved award, Angie! Wouldn't you know, I am chowing down on popcorn right this very second! :)


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