Saturday, December 4, 2010

Here Comes Santa Paws!

Shouldn't shelter animals enjoy a Merry Christmas too?  I think so and so did Dorian Wagner when she hatched the idea for Santa Paws toy drive, now in its second year.  Dorian, the founder of Your Daily Cute, was inspired by programs like Toys for Tots.  She wanted to reach animals on a larger scale and donate toys to shelters all over the world.  With the help of Salina Gannon of Nip and Bones, Lynn Haigh of PawPawty, and Kerri Schlack of The Kitten Crew, Santa Paws was born!

The six shelters for this year were chosen based on nominations and include non-profit, no-kill shelters in the US, Canada, UK, and a small island off the coast of Africa.  Last year donations large and small raised over $7000 in cash and toy donations!  This year the bar is set even higher and the elves at Santa Paws are confident it can be reached (and even exceeded!).  In order to reach these numbers and provide a fun and festive holiday for these homeless shelter pets, they need your help.  You can donate either cash or toys; however, cash is encouraged because they are currently behind on their goal for cash donations. 

How do you donate?  Click on the graphic below and you will be guided through the process.  You can also donate anytime by clicking on the widget Catladyland's sidebar.  Even better, you can add the widget to your own blog and help spread the word! 

Also please RSVP for the crazy-fun snowball fight tonight (7-9 EST) on Facebook and Twitter!  Prizes will be awarded and a major announcement will be made during the fight.  Join the fun and help benefit a great cause!

Thank you for considering a donation -- every single dollar counts!  And even more, thank you for helping shelter animals around the world enjoy a Merry Christmas!

Click the logo to make a DONATION!


  1. That's great idea for Christmas !
    Thank you to share these to us.

  2. That is wonderful..thank you so much.

  3. I took food, bleach, towels and some cash to our local SPCA yesterday! And then I had to stay and play with the kitties for an hour too! :) (I'll be posting about it later today.) My hubby is always scared that I will come home with a few kitties tucked into my purse! LOL!

    Happy Sunday Angie!
    xo Catherine

  4. We give our local shelter a Petsmart gift card every year.

  5. Oh so that's what this is, I saw it on the side of your blog but wasn't sure what it was. Great idea!

  6. Great idea to remember our furry friends.


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