Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Day = Christmas Play!

It's the day after Christmas, my brain is souffle --
so here are some pictures of the cats and their play.

Phoebe literally backed into this box.

Saffy makes herself  fit into the smallest of boxes!

Boxed cinnamon bun

Present time for the kitties!

Phoebe couldn't even wait until I cut the tag off her present!

Saffy loved her catnip squirrel.

Cosmo's catnip banana was a hit!

Saffy enjoyed a special moment with the banana.

Phoebe:  "I want ALL the toys!"

How did my sister know I'd love this mug?

Hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas with lots of play and treats too!


  1. Mama bought me a present that's bigger than me! purrr.....meow!

  2. Looks like the guys had an awesome christmas!!! Hope you did too!

  3. Sooo cute!! I love how Phoebe is not letting you cut the tag off! lol (was that the little white cloth tag? If so, you are the ONLY other person than me that I know of that cuts those off!)
    When I looked at Cosmo and Saffy with the banana the first thing that came into my mind was "Mellow Yellow" lol..."I"m just wild about saffron, saffron's wild about me...." lol
    Will you print the verbage that is on your mug one day? I can't read it :( I know it is a cat lover mug but would love to know what it says!
    Your kitties toys were THE BEST!!

  4. Happy day after Christmas! Haha you know you made a good gift-pick for Phoebe. She's not letting go! And the open boxes are a big hit too!

  5. Not Pictured: One Large Bag of Marshmallows...we hope!

    It looks like your Christmas was wonderful!

  6. MOL...for Pheobe, You are so funny !
    I'm so happy to see you all got what you wish for Christmas : )

    My mom got Jealous when she saw your Mug : )

    Puddy and Mom Boom

  7. You all have a great box! Isn't it great that *I* got some boxes TOO! MEE-OWW!


  8. Merry Christmas! Charlie has had a fun time with his gifts! Me too! hugs, Linda

  9. Great gifts for everyone!

  10. Binga was the same way as Phoebe with her Kong toy. I wonder what they put in those things?

  11. Looks like your cats had a wonderful Christmas. Ours had some fun too with the laser beam toy and the playmat. They didn't much care for the purr pad, but liked the box better.

  12. Yay new boxes! How small can we get? lol


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