Sunday, October 10, 2010

Picture This...

As I mention frequently, I love to laugh. In previous posts, I've shared lists of imagery and scenarios that send me into fits of giggles. Vintage cats in clothing, acting like humans, are certain to tickle my funny bone in just the right spot. Recently, I've seen some hilarious and adorable pictures that flailed me into flat-out hysteria and nearly killed me with cute.

I love the emotion here. The white cat peeking around the corner looks worried...or his claw is caught in the curtain.

This is the kind of sport I would watch all day long...

The cat in the blue bow seems so pleased in anticipation of his Christmas cake!  Look at his feet underneath the table -- I love them so much.

Even cat-moms get weary from their kids' shenanigans!  Look how dejected the kitty with the rolly-toy looks...
This is my favorite...look at all the activity happening in this one.  I love the expression on that little guy's face. And the gossipy ladies in the background! I would totally shop at this store!
What do you think -- are these funny to you too? Or I am just a giant goofball? Or both?


  1. Those pictures are hysterical. But you commentary makes them even better. We like them all especially the tennis one. Thanks for the big chuckle this morning. Take care and have a great Sunday.

  2. I love them too, they are purrfectly funny to me!

  3. I love to laugh as well! When I used to work everyone used to say they could hear my laugh down the hall wherever I was!
    Love these photos!

  4. These are so cute! The singing kitty is my favorite...I remember recitals like that!

  5. These are so dear. I love this. Thank you for putting them here for our mommies and us.

  6. My human has some post cards like these that she got a long time ago. Me? I think they're okay, just so long as they don't inspire any humans to put clothes on us cats, or expect us to play tennis. We already sing.

  7. You know I love this blog! How did I miss it??? My imagination kicks into overdrive every time I see these pictures. Have loved them since childhood!


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