Saturday, July 24, 2010

Dear Mama, The Home Makeover Edition

Dear Mama,
We understand that there is some renovation work happening in the house and everything feels chaotic; however, we would like to make a few suggestions that would make our lives just a little more tolerable.

  • Can you please make the "magic box" containing treats more accessible...somewhere whisker-level, perhaps?
  • Phoebe wants full-access to the catnip stash. Strictly medicinal purposes...
  • Saffy said she is stressed out by the workers in the house and needs an extra serving of food (or three) to cope.
  • How about doing a few extra loads of laundry, drying them on the high-setting, dumping them on your bed, and "forgetting" to fold them.
  • Cosmo wants to know if it is possible to move the bird feeders indoors and leave the patio door open.
  • If it feels too labor-intensive to move the bird feeders, how about creating a sunflower seed trail from the front porch into the laundry room? The chipmunks would be great company.
  • Phoebe wanted to mention the catnip again...

Thank you for your thoughtful attention and careful consideration to our humble requests.

Cosmo, Saffy, and Phoebe

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