Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bites of Bliss

I was just thinking about those perfect little nuggets of time...those momentary glimpses of complete joy that fill my heart with so much happiness that I think I might burst with bliss. I treasure those twinkles. Just now Phoebe the cat was curled in my lap and I was stroking her silky tabby/calico coat. She looked up at me with those sweet, sleepy, adoring kitty eyes and I melted. That's the kind of moment I want to remember when I'm running late for work, spill coffee on my pants, and step barefoot in warm cat puke.

And there are many other of these flashes of euphoria. What is more satisfying than biting into a square of waffle that is completely filled with that exquisite elixir of warm syrup and melted butter? And speaking of butter, and as long as I'm food-swooning, how about the little caverns in English muffins that capture that melty buttery goodness? Now that's a glimpse of heaven.

I also love that feeling when I look at my Scrabble rack and realize I can create a perfect BINGO. My heart jumps, my eyes widen, and then I triumphantly place the tiles. To me, that feeling is pure elation.

Other momentary peeks of paradise include finding an unexpected parking space directly in front of a store, receiving a Facebook friend request from someone wonderful that I haven't heard from in years, finding money in a coat pocket, receiving thoughtful texts from my husband, when my 12 and 14 year old kids snuggle toward me on the sofa, the first application of brand new lipstick, seeing a card hand-addressed to me in the mailbox, hearing a refrain in a song that lures me into a perfect nostalgic trance, and climbing into bed that's just been made with freshly cleaned sheets.

There are so many more instants that elicit such ecstasy -- I'm certain I take most of them for granted. I'd like to bask in the glow of those moments more often. I want to take notice and allow myself to steep in that golden gratitude for a good long while. If that means I need to start eating more waffles, then so be it.


  1. Yes, it is true, a softly purring kitty on your lap can work wonders. So can the realisation that you can put SYZYGY on a triple word score square and cream everybody. Haha!!

  2. And for me, it's not a freshly cleaned bedsheet that's nice, although that IS nice, don't get me wrong - but when the sheets on a bed are nice and cold, and I get to warm them up with my body heat.... aaahhhh....


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